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Updated 05 03 11

Chevron Sports-Ford (B61?)

Brian Fisher 

Hairdresser by trade, Fisher ran a variety of cars over the years. Having been a regular front runner in his Skoda special saloon, Fisher sold the car to John Pugsley and debuted the Chevron, which never seemed to have a type number but looks like the B61 Richard Borthwick ran in 1993 (same chassis?). It also resembles the Quantex Spyder that Pugsley ran later.

The Chevron was a regular front runner although not too reliable I recall.

Fisher leads Phil Ball's Mallock at Tower, August 1992


Chevron B16-Ford "Clone"

Brian Fisher 

Fisher's next car had all the appearances of a B16 Chevron and was entered as one, but was actually based on a glass-fibre Darrian chassis (Built in Wales) . The rear end is certainly a very 1990s compared to a real B16. The engine was a 1500 Ford and it was pretty darn quick in class C in 1994 running class champion Geoff Thorne close and setting a long-standing Class lap record but suffering from unreliability and didn't get raced that often. It was later sold to Japan.

Right - Tower Corner May 1994

Chevron - Ford (B61?)

Brian Fisher 

He had some unusual cars didn't he? 

What on earth was this one? Not the same one he ran in 1993 surely? 

He ran it in 1995 after the B16 lookalike had been sold.



Right - Tower Corner March 1995

Tiga Group C2

Tony Dunderdale 

The DFV(DFL?) engines Group C2 car ran in the INTERSERIE championship at the same time as appearing at Combe on the odd ocassion (twice?)Finishing in the top 3 on one appearance 

Nice looking car.


Right  - Tower corner October 1993 with Pugsley's Skoda in pursuit


Noble 23 Shapecraft - Vauxhall

Bob Light

Future champion Bob Light's  class B car from 1994, designed like his later Ultima and Prosports Class A cars by Lee Noble who now produces his own road-going supercar, much enthused over by Jeremy Clarkson and friends in recent years.

Right - Tower corner May 1994

Quantex "Ferrari 308" Silhouette

Robin Hooker

To all intents this appers to be a Posports car with a slightly different body ...and I didn't look verymch like a Ferrari , as you can see. Very quick however. Hooker's ocassional appeaences usually saw him right on the pace.

Later he became more well known for his very smart Escort-Cosworth V6 Thundersaloon.

Campe Corner September 1993






Paddock September 1993



Quantex Spyder

"Prosports Spyder"

John Pugsley

John ran several different cars including the ex Fisher Maguire-Skoda in 93. 

The Quantex spyder boasted a Sierra Cosworth turbo engine (that's a large intercooler behind the driver's head)  and was VERY QUICK. It  won Class A in 1994. Towards the end of the year it was entered as a "Prosports Spyder" 

Right - Camp corner September 1994


Tiga SC81 Sports 2000

John Pugsley / Malcolm Stevens

I'm not sure what engine this one ran but in 1993 John Pugsley was pretty quick in this odd looking wasp-waisted Tiga Sports 2000 chassis. It was replaced briefly with the ex Fisher Skoda late-season untill that was wrecked away from the race track, which led him to appearing in the Cosworth Turbo- powered Quantex in 1994 while the Tiga went to Stevens (or was that just a similar car?)





Malcolm Stevens leading a Prosport on pit entry lane September 1994

 John Pugsley . Paddock May 30 1993

John Pugsley , Camp Corner September 1993

Merlin Exocet-Vauxhall

Steve Roberts/Gavin Wills

Built by the circuit's resident speed shop owner, Steve Roberts and his team, the bespoke sports-racer featured a hot Vauxhall 16V and so looks a lot like a car from the Supersports 200 (mid engined Clubmans) class which appeared a few years later.

It was quick but reckoned to be a bit short on power-to-weight for a regular front runner. I think several drivers ran the car at different times over the years including FF1600 series champion and later team owner, Gavin Wills.













Steven Roberts at Quarry Corner Easter 1992

Gavin Wills at Camp Corner September 1994

Royale RP37-Cosworth

Tony Sheppey


Chevron B61 Vauxhall

Richard Borthwick

Was this the same chassis that Brian Fisher ran in 1992?

Borthwick follows Dave Coyne's Stratoa-DFV October 1993












September 1993