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Updated 23 08 23

Lotus 7 "Super Brick"

& Elan "Black Bullet"

Rob Cox-Allison

Rob ran a troup of ultra successful Modsport and special GT Lotus's in the early and mid 1980s. He won countless races in various championships and with various engines in both 7s("Black Brick"s) and an Elan ("Black Bullet"), eventually one of the "Bricks" gaining a Formula 2 Hart 420R engine and rather more swoopy bodywork (at which point it was known as the 'Super Brick') It held the Special GT lap record at Combe for a number of years. The roof of the Elan can be seen behind the rear wing. Bother cars were superbly turned out and always front runners.

Cox-Allison later appeared in the Libre series with a Ralt F2 car and later a Lola LC88 F1 car.

May 1985

October 1984

In the nude....and showing off the high standard of preparation. July 1985

Lotus Elan

Richard Ward

Richard ran the same Elan for well over a decade in the series and was a regular front runner , particularly in the early days when Modsports cars, Elans especially, dominated the series.  By the early 90s it was considerably developed and still able to run among the leaders until the arrival of the Group C cars

July 1985 

March 1986

Quarry Corner  with Mustill's Escort .September 1990

Lotus Elan

Andrew Wareing

The best looking of the Elans ? VERY quick. Wareing later raced a Skods which, well it wasn't a red Lotus Elan...nuff said!


May 1985 

October 1984

Lotus Elan

Chris Watkins


Chased by Rob Cox's BLACK BULLETT October 1984

Lotus Elan

Rob Sparling


September 1985


Erling Jenson crashed his front-running Tiga-Rover very heavily in 1994 and rebuilt it (possibly with a C2 Tiga chassis in place of the Sports 2000 tub) for 1996 with look-alike Esprit body....and a funny name!

It raced just once, crashing out at the end of it's first lap when a wheel failed. The wreck is said to have been restored back into a C2 Tiga in the early 2000s.

March 1996. Erling stands far left in red and white race suit

Lotus Elan

Brian Cutting

 VERY quick. Cutting was much more familiar with Sunbeam Stilettos(Imps) winning the outright title in 1982 and 1988.

However between these years he ran the Elan...

August 1985

April 1985