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Updated 07 04 11


Brian Fisher

Brian, a real veteran of Combe having raced there since the 60s, ran many cars in the series over the years. 

He won the overall title two years on the trot (1986-1987) in this 'Skoda Rapide', a car he kept longer than most and developed quite a bit over the years. It used Brian's engine of choice, a 1500cc Richardson Cosworth BDA.

It's unusual in running the later more boxy Skoda outline.

 Where did it go afterwards ?

Brian won a third title in 1995 with a Shrike P16 S2000 which ties him with John Robinson  for the most overall championships won by a single driver


October with wheel spats...

MAY 1986...In it's early guise...

...and in it's ultimate 1988 version with big rear wing

The "Maguire Skoda"

Brian Fisher

Brian's next Skoda replaced the Darrian for the 1991 season.

The car is believed to be the one built by Hillman Imp specialists Maguire, who constructed it for  hillclimbing in the late 80s with a BDA in the back. Was this the Cobb/Meredith hillclimber?

Brian used it  until 1993 and was right on the overall pace even with his trusty  BDA of just 1500cc

It was sold to.....


Leading Nigel Mustill at Camp corner July 1991

...John Pugsley

Who ran it late in the 1993 season as a replacement for his Tiga S2000, but apparently wrote it off (or at least badly bent it) against a tree on his own driveway! At least one former champion had eyes on purchasing the car at the time...






Tower Corner , Oct 9  1993

Skoda Rapide

A J Foy kidding!  Almost the perfect name for a racing driver! The car ran a 2 litre engine but I know nothing more...except it looks a bit like the original Brian Fisher car....but I don't think it is.


Camp corner September 1994

Skoda Coupe

Andrew Wareing

.The former Lotus Elan modsports ace swapped to this radical looking Skoda in 1987 and I have to admit I can't recall it at all! 

It ran a 2.4 litre Pinto engine which wasn't a match for Fisher's smaller but more exotic BDA, nor for Richard Ward's 1800cc Elan but at this point in time the fields were not particularly large so it was still a top 3 runner..