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Updated 04 04 11

David Appleby

Ex rally man David Appleby was a regular front runner in various MG 6R4s(and the Rover V8 engined "8R4i" version which appeared in 1988) . His company TPR specialized in their preparation and at the time they were a real weapon to have in club rallying.  As time went on the cars became more and more developed for the purpose and battled hard with the more purpose-built machinery such as the Skoda-Rover of George Douglas. However he saw the writing on the wall and invested in a superb Group C TWR Jaguar XJR10 in 1993 which, along with the XJR17 of Brian Chatfield,  took the whole series onto another plain.



August 1990

August 1988 (8R4i)

August 1988 (8R4i)

 May 28 1990        

June 1990

September 1990

September 1990

Rob Dennis

Rally-driver Dennis used a Dave Appleby Motorsport 6R4  quite effectively around 1989-91 although the man himself usually had a lighter and more powerful version for his own use. Dennis didn't normally feature at the front if Appleby was  entered but otherwise he was right there with Nigel Mustill and George Douglas at the sharp end of the field. 
















Sept  1990

May 1989

Rupert Turner

Appeared in August 1989



Sam Nelson

The ace engine tuner ran his rallying 6R4 with ever more modifications to great effect, often featuring in lead battles with fellow 6R4 driver Dave Appleby and the Skoda-Rover of George Douglas.






October 15 1988

Leading Rob Dennis and in paddock 29 May 1989

August 1989 with Chatfields BMW 320 Turbo

August 1989 (note it's running number 4 here but 44 in the other photo...)

Derek Tyndall

The camera shop owner ran Appleby's V8 engined car initially and then his regular EARS Motoring News series 6R4 rally car with moderate success - it was never as heavily adapted to circuit racing as Appleby's cars but it gave him the taste for circuit racing and he eventually moved on to the wild and wonderfull "Escat" Escort-XJ220 Thundersaloon.






 May 28 1990

1 May 1989 with the ex Appleby 8R4i

May 28 1990 with Nigel Mustill's Escort-Cosworth Turbo