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 Updated 12 03 12

TVR Tuscan-Cosworth Turbo

Mark Hales

This was a factory built and entered concept road-car based on the 3000S with a Sierra Cosworth engine. It was touted as 'the next' TVR but the Tuscan name was then applied to the Rover V8 race series cars instead.  BTCC driver Hales harried the winning  Rallycross RS200 of Graham Hathaway in an unusual encounter at the end of the 1987 season.

Right - Avon Rise October 1987

Ford RS200

Graham Hathaway

Sometime BTCC driver and rallycross ace Hathaway appeared in the fog late in 1987. I can't recall him appearing again but his winning performance inspired the likes of Appleby and Tydall to enter similar Group B cars in the next few years.


Right  - Tower corner October 1987


Marcos-Rover V8 3.9

John Wood & Ken Chruchill

(or was that two different cars?)

I loved this car.... long low, and with a V8 up front. It was also pretty darn quick for a car of ' a certain age' !

Farm Straight June 1991


(12) Chris Snowden - Mk8 Hartwell

(7) Alan Goodwin - Mk8 Hartwell

Tony McQueen - Mk7 Hartwell

Paddock July 1991

Cobra 427 Replica

Nigel Winchester


This Historic Replicar challenge runner was a late entry having a second race of the day. It didn't feature in the results but my programme notes say "awesomely powerfull"...

Tower corner March 27 1993

Ginetta G12

George Douglas

The Mobile Windscreens boss ran t his historic Ginetta for several years prior to moving up to the Skoda Rover  

Tower corner May 1991

Aston Martin DBS V8

John Freeman


The imposing 5.3 litre V8 Aston looked a bit big and heavy for the series by 1993, prototypes of one kind or another were dominant and this one had an alloy shell!

It still produced the goods however with some impressive top 5 finishes



Both photos - September 1993







Darrian T90 & T9

Richard Borthwick  & Phil Gale

Tower Corner March 27 1993

Darrian T90

Geoff Throne

Quarry  Corner May 1992

Jankel Tempest

Brian Chatfield

The Corvette-based 200mph supercar developed by Panther Cars founder, and 1960s BTCC racer, Bob Jankel . Brian Chatfield appeared at least once in the car , this shot being from July 1995 after the Jaguar XJR era had ended...well almost, in 1996 Brian appeared in an XJ220C !

My programme from the event includes an somewhat crude comment at just how fast this car was in a straight line!


Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer

Michael Millard

This car dominated the Ferrari series at the time - it was the only BB and very well developed. It made at least one appearance in the special GTs . The photo here is from August 1994 when the car only ran the Ferrari series event.

Millard also ran a Prosports can in the Special GTs