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Updated 13 03 12

BMW 320 Turbo Group 5

Brian Chatfield


Brian ran a dizzying number of Group 5 style BMWs over the years (I guess not all were true Gp5...but I maybe wrong) before switching to the dramatic TWR Jaguar XJR17 in 1993.

BELOW LEFT. .This one was was said to be an ex Ronnie Peterson works Gp5 car from the mid 1970s and the white and blue livery is similar to the works FIRST NATIONAL CITY cars of 1976/7,...and it seems to have blown the engine big time later in the race..

LOWER RIGHT . This one also appeared in Thundersaloon races with Andreas Halkiopoulos as co- driver.

Can anyone confirm how many different BMW Group 5 cars Brian ran?






October 1984

October 1987

May 1989 - alongside Sam Nelson's 6R4

September 1990 


Brian Chatfield

Another of his many and varied BMWs, this one also ran in Tundersaloons and was, I think, and ex Alpina DTM  car, but who's ?

Right  -  with Paul Brend's Imp Camp Corner 6th July 91


BMW 2002 -Cosworth Turbo

Dave Lawrence

Was this one and ex Chatfield car? Looks like the Thundersaloon version above....

This one boated a Sierra Cosworth turbo engine.

Right  -  Quarry Corner August 1992



BMW 2002

Dave Brunsdon

The Gloucester-based Brunsdon had some good runs in 1990 , scoring well in his class and was to become a regular front runner in his Prosport 3000 in the mid 90s

An unconventional line at Camp Corner 28th May 1990


BMW 635 Group A

Is this Brian Chatfield in the ex Hands Stuck BTCC car?

Tower Corner October 1990

BMW 325

Unknown driver indulging in a spin on someone elses oil slick - Quarry Corner September 1990




BMW 325i

Unidentified driver at Tower Corner September 1990