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 Updated 05 03 11

Boss Mustang

Fred Henderson 

Farm Straight Corner June 1992

Fred was one of the folk-heroes of the series in the early 80s with a hand-painted white Mk1 Camaro which he threw around amid flames from the side exhaust and smoke from the rear tyres. He reappeared with the Janglia for a while and then this massive Boss Mustang which had several outings in 91 and 92. The era of such big tin-tops was over but it was a great car to see in action. 

Anglia-Jaguar XK


Fred Henderson

Tower corner May 1989

Fred's straight-six powered Anglia appeared often in the late 80s and I think maybe his son(?) drove it on occasion  as well?


Cortina Mk3-Rover V8

Steve Hurd


Tower corner 1990

Like a car from another era, you could imagine Steve Jurd's Cortina in the same field as Mick Hill's Capri and Gerry Marshall in 'Old Nail' during the heyday of SuperSaloons in the early 70s. 

The car featured  a 3.5 litre Rover V8 with a supercharger sticking out of the bonnet in the fashion of some factional MATCHBOX toy !

It wasn't fast and Mk3's were hardly a car with a competition history but  it was great to see.


Talbot Sunbeam

Gary Gunn

Camp corner May 1990

Gary also ran a Fiesta which Max Tyler, who ran a Rover SD1 recalls was so low he lost sight of it under his door mirror on one ocassion!





Capri 3000E

Andy Lee-Cann


Quarry Corner corner Sept 1990



Mini Clubman

Michael Hill

The Mini started off looking quite normal, then sported this radical  chopped-top and looked very very odd on the same track as 6R4s and Skoda special saloons...

 Westway  May 1991

"Bowlby" Suzuki

Mike Brend

Quarry Corner Easter 1992


"Bowlby" Suzuki

Derek Barrett 

Chasing John Barnard's Westfield at Tower  Corner May 30th 1994


I think Erling Jenson ran this car at some point as well as Paul Brend and Derek Barrett. It was always ridiculously fast for a sub 1 litre car and held the class C lap record for years.

I seem to recall the car was penned by future F1 and Indycar  designer Ben Bowlby who came to fame by designing a Clubmans car as part of a University degree course he developed in Racing Car Design. Bowlby's most recent project is the radical Delta Indycar 






October 1992

 Capri 2.8i

Don Craig

Forest of Dean-based Don Craig lost an arm in an industrial accident and was one of the very first amuptees to gain an MSA race licence after decades of official resistance to the concept. He ran the fairly standard Capri to get miles under his belt before raceing regularly in the Castle Combe Saloon Car Cup a few years later. 

 Vauxhall Chevette

Derek Allen

Before the Suzuki, there was the Chevette...

Chasing Harrison's Dutton , Tower corner Aug 31 1992

Fiat 850-BDH

Norman Lackford

The quick Warrior-tuned Fiat gave way to a Saxon prototype in 1996 and later a Radical which Norman is still using in the series this season.

August 29 1994