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Surtees TS5A-007 F5000 

John Reakes

Historic racer John Reakes  added colour and interest, if not much in terms of competetiveness, to the fields in 1987-88 with his glorious 1970 Surtees F5000 

This chassis  was originally driven by F5000 title winner David Hobbs in the US where it gained one win at Lime Rock and later went to Eddie Kiezen and Nolls Niemann in South Africa.

The Surtees is now thought to be in Germany.

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Harrier LR5 Ford Group C2

Bill Coombs

Appeared in October 1988, but  didn't survive practice and non-started.

 I'm not sure the car actually raced in the BRDC series either, although it was entered at Silverstone in October 1988.

The engine was a "Ford 2000cc" which I guess would be a BDG/BDA of some kind and seems pretty short of puff for Group C2 which was mostly populated by DFV engined cars.



Crossle 22F- Triumph  

Willie Pascoe

The long-time Cornish Formula Libre runner, and Crossle stalwart ran his ex Formula Two 22F a few times over the years (here seen in October 1988) with it's ex Mansell Unipart Team Dolomite F3 engine. The car sat in his garage for many years before being re-patriated ot Ireland sometime in the late 90s.

Marler BM23 Clubmans

Richard Groombridge

Finished 6th October 1984, having also run in the Clubmans race that day.


(Photo : Peter Howarth)

March 76A Cosworth GAA V6

Tim Barry

Ran in July 1985.

This is the famous ex Chris Cramer/Grunhalle Lager  car built originally for Hillclimbing and fitted with a Cosworth GAA V6 F5000 engine.

Tim and Tony Barry ran it in much modified form in a variety of sprints and circuit events for many years

Despite how it appears here, it did have a rear wing!

(Photo : Peter Howarth)

Anson F3/Monoposto

Roger Bevan 

The ex F3 car designed by future Jordan and Jaguar F1 designer Gary Anderson, ran in both 1987 events

(Photo : Peter Howarth)


John Morrison

Druid F Atlantic

Rodger Andreason

Morrison's ex Group 6  Toj-BMW was a familiar, and very successful runner  in Thundersports over the next few years.

In the 1983 Combe race it finished 4th with Andreason's  Druid-BDA chased it home in 5th.

The Druid was designed for F3 in 1977 (originally as a Royale  that was never built) by a certain Rory Byrne who went on to design Ferrari F1 cars in recent years. It was converted to Atlantic and two other similar chassis were built.



Brabham BT21 - Ford Monoposto

Barry Whitehurst

This one appeared in the October 1988 event - I took a photo as it looked such an antique but the car retired in the Mono' race and didn't appear in the late Libre event.

The 1600cc Ford engine has a curious inlet system and note how tiny the silencers were back then.


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